1st reason why The Majors Suck

It’s really about ownership and who has it, and specifically the ownership of the distribution. Last we checked there where only 3 majors and all of them turning out billions of dollars in sales making their stockholders rich let alone the technology partners that are billionaries because of software overloading content. Meanwhile none of that is going back to the artists, bands, labels, or any content creators. This include the other handful of Independent distributors. Sure a channel here or there is offered as a token ownership ploy; However everyone down to the dope dealers on the street know it’s about distribution.

Distribution is King and Now AVOZ is offering it to the very people that make our business even meaning full. The Content creators and the teams of people making entertainment. AVOZ is changing the game via this one simple human centered design idea OWNERSHIP. Watch out the suppliers we’ve already been in content with are loving this and we believe all of the successful indie catalog holders would be missing an opportunity of a lifetime if they don’t check AVOZ out. Not only does AVOZ offer long term monetizing their catalog, it’s the participating with the increased underlying value of the AVOZ as it turns out Hits and sell-thought distribution for all catalog releases in our systems offering a new paradigm or Future of Entertainment Today.

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